Sophia’s Works

Sophia’s Goodreads Page

Books she has read, wants to read, owns, etc.

Books Sophia has read on Goodreads


Sophia’s Pinterest Page

Her Artwork, some of her friend’s artwork and things she likes such as memes, books and crafts

8yellowcats on Pinterest

Sophia’s YouTube and Google+ pages

All videos and artwork are made by Sophia. In addition to hosting art contests and other contests for her friends, she does all of the following:

  • concept development
  • recording
  • video/audio editing
  • make her thumbnails herself
  • uploading/posting
  • selecting/adding audio

In order to do this, she taught herself to use the following programs:

  • Screencast-o-matic
  • Camtasia Studios
  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • YouTube Editor
  • Microsoft Paint
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • PicMonkey
  • SAI Paint Tool
  • Plus a couple others she tried but did not like

YouTube: 8yellowcats

Google+: 8yellowcats

Fuzzy Coolcat By Koala AJ.png

Websites Sophia has built

These are websites Sophia all on her own using Weebly. They were all done when she was 6 years old. She has moved on to YouTube now, but hopefully she will start her own blog and website up again.

Sophias Yellow Fox is all about… you guessed it, foxes. Her favourite animal -aside from cats of course. This is the first one she built.

Bolt’s Dog Space  is about our dog we had in 2013 when she was 6. It is adorable, and we were heartbroken to give him up, but he has a lovely home now with a little boy who loves him as much as Sophia did (and still does.) This was the second site she did.

Traviling Sophie This was her third site, meant for field trips and adventures, but she got into other things so there is only one or two posts but it is cute. 🙂

Sophia’s Gamer Site was her fourth site trying new things. This was before she discovered YouTube and was the gateway site that led to her channel.