Recycle Centre, Pink Shirt Day, and a walk around the Lake

We had a huge adventure day today.

We started off with a trip to the Resource Recover Centre with the Homeschool Group.

We met some friends and we even brought some of our own recycling to add to the experience. We go all the time, but it is usually too loud for Sophia so she waits in the car.

We learned about the painted mural out front which represents a partnership with the local Iwi. We also saw the mural made with bottle caps! They were both beautiful.

Then our guide taught us heaps about what happens to the items we recycle.


They smash the plastic bottles together. Then put them through a machine which makes them into chips, pellets and it can even be used for fabric.

Each family then did their recycling and we got to try the magnetic pole to make sure there was no tin in with  aluminum.

Then we looked at the vertical planters, community garden and worm farm.

After this we went inside the Resource Centre and learned the history of the building. It use to be a jail. They showed us an old cell and then what they have turned the place into.

Then we watched a brief presentation on landfills.


Afterwards, we did a team challenge to make a landfill that won’t leak. Sophia worked with Tommy.

We then did art projects. Sophia chose to work on a mosaic out of bottle caps using a glue gun. She did fine except for growling at the boy who kept hitting the board she was working on with his head while banging around loudly in the cap buckets under the table.

It was all going great until she burned her finger on the hot glue gun. Then we had a full meltdown, as this was her first burn ever and it really hurt.

Luckily the rest room was just up the hall so we went in there until she was able to stop crying as she was embarrassed to cry in front of everyone.

It was not just the burn, it was also sensory overload, this was a lot of noise, movement and a quick paced visual tour.

We left and went to our favourite place for lunch, so she could have time to recoup before the next adventure.


After lunch we bought some cookies for the next stop, and headed to the Women’s Network for rock painting for Pink Shirt Day. (anti-bullying campaign)

We had a great time and painted heaps of rocks while having delicious snacks with lovely company.

Then we took our rocks and went to the lake with Joleen and Tommy to hide our rocks for others to find.


Before we went rock hiding, they wanted to feed the chickens.

Then they  hid the rocks all around the play area, and bottom bowl area.

The kids wanted to play at the park for a bit and we were very impressed to see them having a conversation as they usually are happy just to ignore each other. 😛

It was very cool to have them interacting. We even got told off for staring; “we are trying to have a conversation.” with the old hand wave as in turn around.

Joleen and Tommy had to go so Sophia and I decided to look for rocks and walk around the lake for exercise.

Sophia took a few videos while we walked a bunch of pictures. It was just so beautiful and the birds followed us around so we had lots of company.

The swans were so majestic and we even saw some Muscoveys that looked like our Sugar.

We love the back of the lake where the bridges were, it was so beautiful back there.

We loved how the birds all swim together and live as a community. Sophia commented that she wishes people could get along as well as the birds do.

There was so much  to look at and it was all so beautiful. This Pukeko decided to follow us around the side of the lake.

Such a cute and curious little fellow waddling alongside us.

We finally found the beginning and along the way we found  two rocks, one was Tommy’s Elvis rock that had been re-hidden on the opposite side of the lake.


We re-hid them both and headed home for a nice relaxing afternoon.

What an excellent day!

Bumpy days; Art, Meltdowns and Earthquakes

We have had a bumpy few days as you do. Sophia was out of sorts and everything was upsetting her. Her senses were heightened and she was quite grumpy, but we made it through. At least she did not feel the earthquakes last night, but she always gets a bit stressed and anxious during heightened seismic activity; we both do.

After breakfast, our morning chat and feeding and chatting with our duck Sugar, we started on work. We got through the book work without too much worry and some great breakthroughs in her grasp of division for Math. She worked on Grammar and Punctuation and we did a science test and she aced it and got 100%! (Just like every test in every subject so far.) 😉

It took a bit of work and some snacks to get her to work through her anxiety and mood, but we persevered until she was able to find the way through. By this I mean that I allowed her to roll around on the couch and attack the pillows, flap and have snacks, we had a few tickle fights, she swore and she clawed me, but, with more patience than I knew I had, we found a way for her to be able to grasp it herself.

She was very proud when she saw the pattern for herself and realised she actually knew how and could do it very easily. We celebrated with a hot chocolate and some cookies.

After her bookwork she did some more art. She has been on an art quest lately, researching and trying new things with her art. Along with this comes anxiety and stress as she is a perfectionist and gets really down on herself when her hands can do what her brain sees in her mind.

We have been working on drawing traditionally, then photographing and uploading the art and digitizing it with Fire Alpaca. She started this drawing yesterday, we finished the adjustments today and she uploaded, then completed the art in digital format.


WP_20170327_001WP_20170327_013WP_20170327_015 (3)Glowhearts AJ Art Trade by Sophia Lawless 27 03 2017

I love this one! This is an OC/original character by another artist that she is trading art with. GlowheartsAJ, the other artist, is drawing one of Sophia’s OC/original characters she created a couple of days ago. They trade their interpretation of each other’s art for practice, it is great to see her working with other artists in this way.

She started another abstract piece after lunch just because it was in her head, and I can’t wait to see what it is when finished. She is dabbling with perspective and shading.

I have spent some time today going over 2016 and organizing our binders. We will most definitely need a larger art binder. I will be printing out all of her digital art again, to place in her portfolio and we will keep this not only for home school records, but for her when she is older. It is also great to allow her to browse the pages and see how far she has come, especially on days when she is feeling not too good about her art.

I will be uploading more of her essays, artwork, projects and some assignments that I found adorable; as time allows.

All in all, she did well today considering how it started. So did I, considering my lack of sleep.




A shopping trip and new supplies

We got up and got on the road early. We are taking a shopping trip about an hour away to get some things for Sophia, as well as some Christmas presents.

Sophia brought along Sir Forrest the Magical Goat, he is mine but she loves him and he is cuddly and fun to travel with.

We stopped for lunch at one of our favourite places; Wendy’s. They ran out of numbers for the tables so they wrote this on our ticket. Sophia got a real kick out of that, we all did.


When we got home, we tried out Sophia’s new items. She and daddy went outside with her Metal detector and looked for treasures. The treasure the duck left on the deck, was not what she was hoping to find. 😉

She really loves the way Sugar’s feather looks under the hand-held microscope. It is so beautiful. She especially loves looking at fabrics and materials, and so do I.

We also checked out the plasma light that we bought. She was absolutely fascinated by it.

The other item we bought was an archery set. She is a natural with this, I love that it can be played inside or outside.

This was another great day.


Porridge, sodium and creativity

Sophia made her breakfast again today, she learned how to cook porridge (oatmeal) and put all the toppings on it.

She loves butter, brown sugar and raisins (only California raisins!) and almond milk.

I love how her newfound  independence is developing.

We have been working on making her more self sufficient as she gets older and it is nice to see her now self motivated with so many things.

Tomorrow will be laundry day for her, unless she decides to do it today – we are trying to maintain balance between being too stuck in routine, but yet routine enough to keep things done.

She is also working on some digital art and just turned around to tell me this joke:

“Mom,  was going to make a joke about sodium, but na…”


Clever little monkey.

I have noticed that she has a knack for science, it appears to be her favourite workbook and she is breezing through it. She also loves doing experiments and animal sciences.

I found an awesome resource for the periodic tables where she can look them up and watch videos for each one, in her time when she is ready. Here is the link: TED-Ed Periodic Videos

It is  drizzly day here, and she is all curled up in a blanket, on the sofa in the lounge with her laptop.

Our duck is running all over the yard being crazy as she loves the rain and waddles about flapping in circles like a wind up toy.

I love days like this, it energizes me and makes my all my senses feel alive.

Sophia has been alternating between drawing her OC (Original Character) based on MLP, watching old MLP episodes for inspiration for her new character, working on a showcase video for her art contest she hosted and creating music on ACID music Studio for her soundtrack album she is creating for her YouTube videos.

I love watching how her mind works in a non-linear fashion, just like mine -especially when she is feeling creative.

Days like this give me time to get caught up on my writing, as my desk is in the lounge.

I will get back to that, as soon as I finish darning these socks.

I hope you are having a great day.

I will try and remember to add the links to her finished works from today after she posts them, but you can always look on her Google+ or YouTube to see what she has been up to.


scrambled eggs, a zombie brain and a surprise

Today Sophia wanted to make her own breakfast.

She made scrambled eggs, GF toast with butter, and a glass of apple juice.

I was quite proud of her, as she also cleaned up her dishes and loaded them in the dishwasher.

Afterwards we made some more Halloween decorations to add to last years, and hung them up.

She had a great time making the zombie brain.

After this, she did her book work and counted out her pocket money, to see how much more she needs for something she is saving for.

Then, she made some more music on ACID Studio.

When Max got home they went out and played with their sticks for a while, then a game of soccer, even Sugar (our duck) tried to get in on the game.

While they were out playing their cousin Jess stopped in for a quick visit before she went to America and brought Sophia a very special gift.

Sophia got to share the music she made with Jess and also got a cute picture for Instagram.

These books were hers when she was young. She loves animals as much as Sophia does.


Another great day, and a great surprise as well.

Blocks, cats and hide and seek

We had to run into Daddy’s work today, so our Sophia ‘earned her lunch’ by sweeping the parts room & reception area for him.

This was her idea as she wants him to take us out to lunch. Clever girl and win for me!

After that she read a book (Hairy Maclary, Hide and Seek -A Lift the Flap Book by Lynley Dodd) in the waiting area and played with the legos they have before we left.

We all went to lunch and stopped in at a couple shops, we love second hand shopping, they have the coolest things.

We found these wooden blocks and another wooden cat for her collection. She and Daddy played with them until the inner cat took over and attacked the blocks and Daddy!

Then they left a pile and went outside to play and run off some energy.

They went out and played hide and seek, even Sugar (our duck) tried to join in.

I love our weekends with Daddy being home, they have so much fun. We all do.

Shoeboxes, the missing Muscovy and Vampires

This weekend we went collecting boxes at our local shoe stores.

We are helping our friend Lydia do Project Shoebox Wanganui this year.

I have created a logo, flyers and other bits and bobs and helped her with the Facebook page.

We decided that poverty affects all ages and so we would include all ages in our drive.

We went around town and introduced ourselves and asked for boxes and we got pretty lucky for the most part.

It seems someone else called the main shoe store just after we started being active on our page and wanted to collect all the boxes they had, so we missed out on those. (Hopefully, they are using them to be a part our project, but who knows.) Carl said we can have any others that they get so we will just keep going back.

The people in the stores were super nice and some even helped carry them out for us.



Between msyelf, daddy and our little helper, we ended up with 50 boxes.


We have one school on board and another is running it by their board and I think we have another local sponsor which I will meet with this week.

I asked Lydia if we could go through the Women’s Network this year as they are well connected to all the agencies and the people in need will have a higher chance of receiving the gift boxes.

We did our collecting and then went and grabbed lunch at our favourite sushi place and grabbed some groceries.

After that, we dropped off a box of popsicles for Papa John at the hospital and then dropped off some boxes to Lydia.

Then, we went to the gym club which Sophia (and Mummy & Daddy) loves and I got some funny pictures.


The best part was on our way home we actually saw and visited our long lost Muscovy Flappy! He came waddling over as soon as he heard my voice.

He is in a fenced area next to the school with his wings clipped, which would explain why he couldn’t get home. He appeared to have an injury on his neck, but he always use to try and squeeze through the fence so that does not surprise me.

We have decided to leave him there since it has been so long and we don’t know how he and Sugar would get along after being the head duck for so long separately.

It brought tears to my eyes both knowing he was alive and having to leave him there, but ultimately we must do what is best for them both.

Sophia was very excited to see him and see how much he has grown and changed but she thinks he should stay in his big paddock with the bath.

What a very busy, emotional and trying day.

I was at this point overwhelmed and ready for a nap (shutdown).

Brent being the darling he is made us dinner as usual, and then after Sophia was in bed we watched Underworld Evolution. We are doing a couple marathons of all the movies before the release in January of the new one!!


Yes, vampires, warewolves and arse kicking heroines calms me down after a busy day. I think these are some of my favourite movies of all time.




A Fox in Pink Headphones

Learning at home

By 10:00 am, Sophia has done the following:

  • maths 2 units online
  • technology 2 units online
  • literacy 2 units online
  • maths worksheet
  • writing worksheet
  • reading / Social Skills read 3 social stories
  • sciences/animal fed and put away Flappy and Sugar


Because some days you just work better dressed as a fox in pink headphones.