Autism Resources

Tony Attwood

Tony Attwood is considered to be the leader of information regarding Asperger’s Syndrome. His website is a collection of resources and literature to help gain a clearer understanding of what Asperger’s is, as well as great techniques and therapies. His books, videos, papers and lectures are brilliant, and I found them truly helpful.


Tania Marshall

Great information especially for Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum, Asperger’s in particular.




Sue Larkey

Resources, Workshops, Blog and insights into teaching and understanding children on the spectrum.




Everyday Aspergers

Great information especially for Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum, Asperger’s in particular. Written in a very heartwarming and candid blog. Handy checklist for females too -as Males traits are the main criteria at this time for diagnosis. We hope to change this through sharing our stories, research and personal experiences.


Autism Discussion Page / Bill Nason

I HIGHLY recommend Bill’s books, especially for parents, educators and anyone on the spectrum. These have been such a huge part of our work with Sophia, myself, and our family. The information contained in these two books, as well as the Facebook page are invaluable. I would dare to say we would not be as far as we have come, without what we have learned through this information and Bill’s support, especially when we were dealing with self-harm, delayed effect and school issues. His advice gave me the courage to take charge and be Sophia’s advocate and support her in all ways I can – including homeschooling. If you have or work with a child on the spectrum, please get these books or join the facebook group.




Autism Research Center

Tests and papers for research which can be used to decide whether to seek assessment for diagnosis. Some of these also help with identifying areas to focus on for designing our therapy plan.

Autism Research Center


Pragmatic Learning Skills Checklist for Carers or Teachers

Great to discern areas needing work to become self-reliant. Starting at young age and going itno adulthood. Very good list.

Pragmatic Language Skills Checklist