Grandpa John’s Birthday

We all went to Brent’s step-sister’s house for a celebration of his step-father’s Birthday. We stopped and picked up Devin on the way.

This is the first birthday without John since he passed, so we wanted to all be together with Brent’s sister and her family and his mother Frances, to celebrate in his honour.


It was such a lovely time, and the kids enjoyed spending time with their cousins.

We ordered pizzas then Brent and Ben went to pick them up while the kids played.

Johns 76th Birthday play

Tamaryn had a beautiful table display ready to light and we sang for Papa John and then had cake. Nana blew out the candles on the cake, and the kids blew out the heart. It was very touching and a lovely tribute.

Johns 76th Birthday

Nana told the kids, that she was not able to get a present for Grandpa this year, so she would give all the kids presents instead and gave them each a bag of their favourite lollies.


Nana Frances with Devin, Max Sophia, Sophie, Stevie, and Sadie.

We took turns holding sweet baby Surie. She is so precious, just like all her sisters.

Johns 76th Birthday baby.jpg

After they ate their chocolate, there was lots of giggles and squeals. Then, it went very quiet so I went to check on them and this is how I found them…


Sophia, Stevie, Sophie and Sadie all reading together.

All of our girls are so amazing. Each with a unique and dynamic personality.

It was such a great evening, we turned what separately could have been a lonely and painful occasion into something beautiful celebrated all together.

I can’t wait to have family time again very soon!

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