Recycle Centre, Pink Shirt Day, and a walk around the Lake

We had a huge adventure day today.

We started off with a trip to the Resource Recover Centre with the Homeschool Group.

We met some friends and we even brought some of our own recycling to add to the experience. We go all the time, but it is usually too loud for Sophia so she waits in the car.

We learned about the painted mural out front which represents a partnership with the local Iwi. We also saw the mural made with bottle caps! They were both beautiful.

Then our guide taught us heaps about what happens to the items we recycle.


They smash the plastic bottles together. Then put them through a machine which makes them into chips, pellets and it can even be used for fabric.

Each family then did their recycling and we got to try the magnetic pole to make sure there was no tin in with  aluminum.

Then we looked at the vertical planters, community garden and worm farm.

After this we went inside the Resource Centre and learned the history of the building. It use to be a jail. They showed us an old cell and then what they have turned the place into.

Then we watched a brief presentation on landfills.


Afterwards, we did a team challenge to make a landfill that won’t leak. Sophia worked with Tommy.

We then did art projects. Sophia chose to work on a mosaic out of bottle caps using a glue gun. She did fine except for growling at the boy who kept hitting the board she was working on with his head while banging around loudly in the cap buckets under the table.

It was all going great until she burned her finger on the hot glue gun. Then we had a full meltdown, as this was her first burn ever and it really hurt.

Luckily the rest room was just up the hall so we went in there until she was able to stop crying as she was embarrassed to cry in front of everyone.

It was not just the burn, it was also sensory overload, this was a lot of noise, movement and a quick paced visual tour.

We left and went to our favourite place for lunch, so she could have time to recoup before the next adventure.


After lunch we bought some cookies for the next stop, and headed to the Women’s Network for rock painting for Pink Shirt Day. (anti-bullying campaign)

We had a great time and painted heaps of rocks while having delicious snacks with lovely company.

Then we took our rocks and went to the lake with Joleen and Tommy to hide our rocks for others to find.


Before we went rock hiding, they wanted to feed the chickens.

Then they  hid the rocks all around the play area, and bottom bowl area.

The kids wanted to play at the park for a bit and we were very impressed to see them having a conversation as they usually are happy just to ignore each other. 😛

It was very cool to have them interacting. We even got told off for staring; “we are trying to have a conversation.” with the old hand wave as in turn around.

Joleen and Tommy had to go so Sophia and I decided to look for rocks and walk around the lake for exercise.

Sophia took a few videos while we walked a bunch of pictures. It was just so beautiful and the birds followed us around so we had lots of company.

The swans were so majestic and we even saw some Muscoveys that looked like our Sugar.

We love the back of the lake where the bridges were, it was so beautiful back there.

We loved how the birds all swim together and live as a community. Sophia commented that she wishes people could get along as well as the birds do.

There was so much  to look at and it was all so beautiful. This Pukeko decided to follow us around the side of the lake.

Such a cute and curious little fellow waddling alongside us.

We finally found the beginning and along the way we found  two rocks, one was Tommy’s Elvis rock that had been re-hidden on the opposite side of the lake.


We re-hid them both and headed home for a nice relaxing afternoon.

What an excellent day!

We have been so busy with Family visiting

We have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to write.

My sister and her friend came for a visit from the USA and that was a short but action packed week.

It was hard on Sophia having people here, and it brought up a lot of emotion as she misses her Aunty (and Godmother) very much.

It was my nephew’s 21st so we went over for a short while and had Nana come and watch the kids. It was a change in routine, but the kids were great. They always are with Nana, she is so good with them.

We also had dinner at our extended family’s home and that was great, she did really well.

We hosted a barbecue with family and close friends to see my Sis before she left and that was a bit loud and overwhelming for all of us just because we never do it. But it was very fun and definitely worth having everyone together.

It was on Star Wars Day, so I made them waffles as princess Leia, and Sophia and I made wookie cookies, that was really fun.

Then Sophia helped with the menu and making potato salad and getting the house ready for the barbecue.

Sophia had a few lash outs over the noise, but everyone was fine with it as they understand it is just sensory related.

Overall, Sophia did really well and enjoyed the time with company.

It was a very crazy week, but she handled it like a pro.

We also went for a long drive to deliver my sis and her friend to my niece’s house.

The scenery was so amazing and we stopped and had fun along the way. I will do a post for the individual days as soon as I can.

My niece is a shepherd so Sophia had a great time learning about what she does as well as helping to feed the pups and meeting her horse.

We will definitely be going back when we have more time and Max is not in school, so her cousin Jess can show them both more of the farm, it is huge, and Sophia is looking forward to a ride in the cart.