Goomy, Leafeon and an AJMV -Radioactive

In her science book today we did some pretty cool science visual illusions and experiments. It was interesting noting how her mind can only pick up certain shapes and the others must be pointed out, but even after pointed out, they disappear again to her if we turn the page and go back. (We will do some more of these to see if she increases the ability to spot the other shapes with repeated exposure to new ways of seeing.)

Somehow I forgot to post a picture of ‘Goomy’ (a Pokémon) that Sophia did last week.

goomy1ajartstudioThis art was created using the Paint programme in Animal Jam. Isn’t it glorious?

Today, she drew a Leafeon (another Pokémon) but tried something different using SAI Paint Tool. She decided to lighten the opacity of the outlines and it looks amazing. She has developed a new style again, and it is pretty cool to witness her developing art style.

This character is based on Leafeon and she calls it Fern. She will be trying some other positions and backgrounds while she is developing this OC.

Also today she finished an AJMV (Animal Jam Music Video) she was working on. It is a remix of the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons (one of her favourite bands.)

Here is the link to it on her YouTube channel.

This AJMV was done using Screencast-o-matic to capture the green screens from Animal Jam, and Camtasia Studios for putting it together.

I think she did an amazing job with her colours, concept, wording and keeping the rhythm.

I also love the way she is moving the character around on the page and adding more large wording.

She had a missed typo (cathing instead of catching) but she knows, and will be editing that.

She is upstairs doing more artwork, so I will just let her continue with her creative flow.

Sophia is in the creative zone today, and that is great for me, because I am too.


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