Waffles, Mini Golf and Wings of Fire

We had a great family day yesterday.

It started out with this cutie reading the rest of her book she got out yesterday.


Then because she was so cute in her “Will wake for waffles” jammies, that I decided to make us all some Gluten Free Waffles -which made her very happy indeed.

We did some things around home as Daddy had lawns to mow and then he surprised me by washing my car.

Sophia was so excited by sight and the noise of the water, that Brent kept spraying the window and she would squeal and hop around.



I ended up with clean windows and front porch as well from their antics. Plus we had one very excited and happy little Kit.

After lunch, we went and collected Max from his mother’s house and Brent surprised us again; this time by taking us to mini golf.

I have not been to mini golf since I have been in New Zealand and I think Sophia was 3 the last time we went, so it was a great surprise.

We have an amazing little course here in town, so it was a great local experience. I loved all the landmarks in the course and the little lessons Max and Brent had about each landmark.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After Riverland, we went to get ice creams from the dairy to cool off. Ice cream is just so much more delicious from the dairy.

After we got home Sophia and Max played on their bikes while Brent and I did some reading and relaxed.

When Sophia came in, she started on the second book in the Wings of Fire series.

A really awesome day was had by all.

Here is a bit about the book she finished today from Sophia’s Goodreads page. As you can see, she gave it five stars!


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