Rainbow cupcakes!

Today, after book work, Sophia decided she wanted to do some baking.

She wanted to try and make some gluten free, pastel, rainbow cupcakes… so we did.

It was really fun seeing how excited she was by the whole process.

I make our recipes colour coded and it works great for her to be able to do it herself. Here is the recipe: (although for the cupcakes we use one tsp of each mix then either swirl a kebab stick through to blend a bit, or just leave it for deeper colour effects.)

Cake Recipe.jpg

She loved mixing up the colours she wanted and putting the mix into the cups form each bowl.

She was especially delighted at how they looked when they were all cooked and decorated.

We even sent some with daddy at lunch time to our friend (and daddy’s co-worker) Emma.

From what we hear, she was pretty happy to get them too. 😉

I love baking, it is good for yummy treats, creating memories and building friendships… plus it makes math, art, health and science much more memorable!

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