Mom’s Gardenia, St Brigid’s Cross and Imbolc

Today was a different day.

Sophia has been doing really great. We did our bookwork this morning, quite quickly with no argument or struggle.

I had my tattoo appointment as well, so Sophia went to visit Nana. It is always a bit of a worry leaving her with others as she can get a bit overwhelmed in a new setting.

She did well while I was gone but was ready to come home when I got there.

I got the tattoo as an early birthday present from my husband. It is a gardenia in honour of my mother who passed away on 29 Dec 2016.

My mother and I share the same birthday, so this was my birthday gift for her as well as myself. I have a great tattooist, Eve Marie and I let her come up with a design based upon the image of my mother wearing a gardenia that we used for her memorial.


Se did an amazing job and I know mom would love it too. I love how she incorporated the stripes into the image.

When we got back home we learned a bit about Brigid and Imbolc. We read the following and watched the videos.


After this we made our own Brigid’s Cross together, to hang in our home.

This was especially dear to me as this is our heritage, so she learned more about where our ancestry comes from.

A very good day all in all.

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