Christmas Eve Rock hiding and the park

Today for lunch Daddy was making sandwiches.

While he was slicing the ham, he said to Sophia; “Sophia, can you please put the mustard on your bread?”

When he turned around, this is what he found…


Later, we took the kids and hid these rocks we painted for #whanganuirocks at Glen Logie Rose Gardens.

There were a couple little cuties who showed up and found some, but I don’t think they found them all.

We didn’t find any, but the smiles on those wee boy’s faces was a wonderful thing.

Great Family fun. I love how this is something we can do as a family and also be a part of the community.


When we finished there we headed over to Peat Park and looked there.

We did not find any rocks, but we did have a lot of fun.

I love how relaxed this holiday season has been.

We are really looking forward to tomorrow and spending time with the family.

Many of our gifts we made ourselves, we will post about those after Christmas, so we don’t ruin the surprise. 😉


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