The tree, Archery, Swimming and cuddles

My darling girl helped me put up the our Christmas tree yesterday before our trip to the lake.

Later in the afternoon, we had her friend Kaya come to spend the night. They played with the Archery set and the hula hoop before dinner. Then played together on their computers.

Sophia gave Kaya her old laptop because she got mine when I upgraded. She wanted her friend to have her very own laptop, so we wiped it and set it all up for her. Kaya was a very happy girl. 🙂 I love that Sophia wanted to give it to her friend rather than sell it, it was very kind of her.

Brent and I did two hours worth of gardening while they played some games and talked about girl stuff.

In the morning Kaya read for a bit, while Sophia cooked them breakfast. I helped flip the eggs, but she cracked the eggs like a pro and cooked a lovely mean. She is getting really good at making scrambled eggs and toast. They had a nice chat while they had breakfast.

Next they explored outside and looked through the microscope. They were really fascinated with the erosion happening in our driveway! They had all kinds of theories about why the top layer was pulling away and cracking. I loved hearing them discuss their ideas.

After snack time, we went swimming. The kids area was closed down, but they got to go in the lanes after about a twenty minute wait. That was a bit rough for Sophia as it broke routine, but we worked through it. They had a great time and Kaya even showed Sophia some tips for swimming faster.

Then we visited Kaya’s mom and little brother for a bit and of course the animals. Honey is one of Sophia’s all time favourite feline friends. I am sure you can guess why.


We did some book work when we came home from Kaya’s.

She and Max played their game together after he got home.

What a great couple of days with good friends and family.

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