Ice cream, Flowers, Rock hunting and a long walk with Friends

We went rock hunting today!

First we went and collected a box of rocks from a lovely lady who was giving them away to people who wanted to be involved with #Whanganui Rocks.

This is where we paint rocks, write #Whanganui Rocks on the bottom, seal or clear coat them, then hide them all over town in safe places for other kids to find. We then look for rocks and can either keep or re-hide them. It is just taking off and it is so much fun.

I got a hold of my good friend, fellow Author and Spectrum Mom, Joleen Scott and we took our kids for a day of fun.

We let them play at the playground first, then headed off to find some rocks.

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We found the ice cream counter too! Time for a short break to cool off. Tommy kept looking as he really wanted to find a rock!

We found the smaller children’s play area and had a play and after we looked for rocks. Still no luck, I was starting to think we had come on the wrong a day.

We decided to explore the The Winter Gardens, we looked the the flowers, ran through the tunnel and saw the koi fish, and Tommy stopped to make a wish. The we headed to the Art Garden, we all love this space with the garden art and sculptures.

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Leaving the Art Garden we found a rock… it was painted… by the paint dripping off the wall when it was last painted. We decided to count it as it was the only one we found. We decided to bring it home to repaint it, and turn it into a bug of some sort, then put it back.


Then we went down by the lake and admired the swans and ducks while Joleen gave us a quick lesson about the native birds and what they are called. Then we searched the walkways and headed back around our loop.

Then lo and behold… a real painted rock. Thanks to Joleen for spotting this one, it made the day complete. 🙂

Sophia got it down for Tommy and they both had a good inspection of it and decided to re-hide it for the next kids who are searching.


We had to get home to get Max, so Joleen carried on to the Aviary with Tommy and we thanked them for an awesome day.

Sophia and I can’t wait to go again, what a great day.

There is something very special about spending time with people whose lives parallel yours. People who allow for the odd little quirks, and celebrate in the way our child’s brain operates, without judgement and with pure joy in allowing our kids to live life in their own way.

Joleen and Tommy are those kind of friends and we feel very blessed to have them in our lives.


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