Sushi and the park

After we did our work this morning, we went out to lunch with Daddy.

Sushi is a great motivator for schoolwork! 😉


Then we went to one of our amazing parks for some exercise and physical therapy.

Sophia about gave me a heart attack today. When we arrived her hat blew off of her head and she ran after it. Straight over the guard rail at the park, and into the street.

She knows better, but that tunnel vision of catching her favourite hat overrode her sense of danger. I am so thankful that no cars came around the corner and hit her, as it is a very busy street.

It was a reminder to me of how she has no sense of danger in some cases and how I must be closer to her as my yelling at her to stop did not break though her focus on the hat.

After thanking the Angels for watching over her, I talked to her about how a car could have killed her as they would not have seen her bending down and running in between cars that were parked.

I reminded her that I will get anything that leaves the park fences, no matter what it is.

She was quite upset when she realised what she had done and I had to be sure to not drive the message home too hard, yet strong enough to hopefully stick in her mind.

I had her pull her hood up over her hat so that it would not blow away again.

This park has great equipment for working on balance and strengthening muscles.

She really likes the activities and I do them with her so it is more fun.

She brought along her handheld microscope and checked out some flowers, leaves and twigs. This is such a great device because it is portable and it works well.

I let her play on the swing a long time as she goes into a zone on the swing and finds it very peaceful, she has always done this.

Then we went back home to be there four our Maximoo and made after school ice cream cones.

Yes, of course I had one too.

Another great day of learning and fun.

Later on, Sophia and I watched one of the videos in the series on puberty from Norway and had a great discussion.

See the post Puberty – Educational Video 6:8 vagina and menstruation



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