Puberty – Educational Video 6:8 vagina and menstruation

I came across these excellent EDUCATIONAL videos on Puberty, from Norway.

They have English subtitles but I found them pretty awesome. This is for open minded people who don’t see any shame in the body.

These are very well done. There are 8 in the series, and you can watch them in order, or play them as the questions come up. This is the approach we are taking.

Sophia and I have been talking a lot about menarche (the first occurrence of menstruation), monthly menses and how our bodies change through puberty and continue to change throughout life.

We have been discussing her breast development and how the mammary glands provide milk and how breasts are all different sizes and shapes, etc.

Also we have been discussing  changes in her shape; her waist, hips, legs, buttocks, etc. and how she may look in a  few years and of course, about body hair.

So this was such perfect timing, to find this series of videos.


I watch them first so that I can prepare her for what is coming and we discuss what is in the video before we watch it, just in case she has an aversion to something.

I like that they are visual and artistic in the way they are presented. I also like how everyone is comfortable talking about and showing their bodies throughout the videos.


Here she is discussing tampons and pads

They are done in a tasteful way and are very natural. Real bodies, fun facts, and humour in a very relaxed teaching style.

Remember, this is from Norway, and they are not afraid of the human body so there is a lot of nudity.

(Be aware: They show the vulva of a young girl, a pubescent and a woman to show how the body changes. However with the woman, they do explore the vulva in depth, showing the venus mound, labia and clitoris and show all the parts. The internal; vagina and cervix are shown on a dummy and the ovaries and uterus are drawn on a nude woman in an artistic way with body pens.)

If you are offended by seeing a vulva, vagina, labia, clitoris, breasts, penis, testicles, etc. then do not watch these videos. (Although it may do you some good to look at what you are afraid of and explore why that is so. You may find it is because you were not taught with such great videos lol)

I also love how they state that all labia are different sizes as I know many girls worry about labia size, in fact labiaplasty is one of the most sought after plastic surgery for teens. So showing them these videos so that they know that they are perfectly normal and not in need of surgery, is definitely a plus!

Also, talk to your girls about boys and how they should never change their body for a boy -because the most common reason (according to the surgeons) why those girl are wanting surgery is because their boyfriend asked them to. Because there is a false perception about labia due to what they are taught in sex education via a 2d drawing with minimal labia.

Sophia really liked this video: 6:8 vagina and menstruation. She said it was very educational and answered questions she had such as: “How much blood do we loose during our period?” and “How much is that compared to what is in our bodies?


Here she is showing the average shed during menses.

Next, we will watch episode 2:8 Breasts as she has some questions about how they develop. I have watched it and it has some great information, which I will talk about in more detail, in the post when we watch it.

I believe knowledge frees us from fear, and when it comes to puberty all girls and boys are fearful for they have no idea what is happening to their bodies. When you compound that with Autism, it can be very scary as they often do not like change.

I also believe that the more we know about both bodies, the better we are able to understand human interactions and sexuality. (Age appropriate of course.) I will let her ask, and when she is ready we will explore each one.

We will write a post about each episode/video we watch, and document how Sophia responded to them; what she found good, and what bothered her or questions she may have had.

So far, nothing bothered her so this one (episode 6) was great as it had some things that she did not know how to ask -or how to put her thoughts into words to form the questions.

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