A shopping trip and new supplies

We got up and got on the road early. We are taking a shopping trip about an hour away to get some things for Sophia, as well as some Christmas presents.

Sophia brought along Sir Forrest the Magical Goat, he is mine but she loves him and he is cuddly and fun to travel with.

We stopped for lunch at one of our favourite places; Wendy’s. They ran out of numbers for the tables so they wrote this on our ticket. Sophia got a real kick out of that, we all did.


When we got home, we tried out Sophia’s new items. She and daddy went outside with her Metal detector and looked for treasures. The treasure the duck left on the deck, was not what she was hoping to find. 😉

She really loves the way Sugar’s feather looks under the hand-held microscope. It is so beautiful. She especially loves looking at fabrics and materials, and so do I.

We also checked out the plasma light that we bought. She was absolutely fascinated by it.

The other item we bought was an archery set. She is a natural with this, I love that it can be played inside or outside.

This was another great day.


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