Porridge, sodium and creativity

Sophia made her breakfast again today, she learned how to cook porridge (oatmeal) and put all the toppings on it.

She loves butter, brown sugar and raisins (only California raisins!) and almond milk.

I love how her newfound  independence is developing.

We have been working on making her more self sufficient as she gets older and it is nice to see her now self motivated with so many things.

Tomorrow will be laundry day for her, unless she decides to do it today – we are trying to maintain balance between being too stuck in routine, but yet routine enough to keep things done.

She is also working on some digital art and just turned around to tell me this joke:

“Mom,  was going to make a joke about sodium, but na…”


Clever little monkey.

I have noticed that she has a knack for science, it appears to be her favourite workbook and she is breezing through it. She also loves doing experiments and animal sciences.

I found an awesome resource for the periodic tables where she can look them up and watch videos for each one, in her time when she is ready. Here is the link: TED-Ed Periodic Videos

It is  drizzly day here, and she is all curled up in a blanket, on the sofa in the lounge with her laptop.

Our duck is running all over the yard being crazy as she loves the rain and waddles about flapping in circles like a wind up toy.

I love days like this, it energizes me and makes my all my senses feel alive.

Sophia has been alternating between drawing her OC (Original Character) based on MLP, watching old MLP episodes for inspiration for her new character, working on a showcase video for her art contest she hosted and creating music on ACID music Studio for her soundtrack album she is creating for her YouTube videos.

I love watching how her mind works in a non-linear fashion, just like mine -especially when she is feeling creative.

Days like this give me time to get caught up on my writing, as my desk is in the lounge.

I will get back to that, as soon as I finish darning these socks.

I hope you are having a great day.

I will try and remember to add the links to her finished works from today after she posts them, but you can always look on her Google+ or YouTube to see what she has been up to.


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