scrambled eggs, a zombie brain and a surprise

Today Sophia wanted to make her own breakfast.

She made scrambled eggs, GF toast with butter, and a glass of apple juice.

I was quite proud of her, as she also cleaned up her dishes and loaded them in the dishwasher.

Afterwards we made some more Halloween decorations to add to last years, and hung them up.

She had a great time making the zombie brain.

After this, she did her book work and counted out her pocket money, to see how much more she needs for something she is saving for.

Then, she made some more music on ACID Studio.

When Max got home they went out and played with their sticks for a while, then a game of soccer, even Sugar (our duck) tried to get in on the game.

While they were out playing their cousin Jess stopped in for a quick visit before she went to America and brought Sophia a very special gift.

Sophia got to share the music she made with Jess and also got a cute picture for Instagram.

These books were hers when she was young. She loves animals as much as Sophia does.


Another great day, and a great surprise as well.

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