Lining up cats, livestream, swimming and salmon

Another beautiful Sunday morning. Perfect weather and a great day planned.

Sophia started off playing with her blocks and cats, I love that she enjoys these old wooden toys so much.

She pulled all of her cats out first and lined them up, then added her blocks.

After that she got all set up for her YouTube livestream that she had scheduled.

After lunch we all put on our suits and went to our local swim centre.

This was a big deal for me as I have not been in years. Sophia was always was afraid I would get hurt and got really anxious if I wanted to swim with her. This day however, she said I could go too and I was pretty stoked to be back in the water.

We had so much fun playing keep-away and swimming together. It was just Sophia, Daddy and myself this time, and we had great fun.

We were so lucky in that they had the paddle boats out. She gave it a go and liked it, but not for too long. It was so brave of her, she just walked over and asked to go all by herself! They were so kind and helpful with her.

At least I snapped one picture before I got in the pool.

After swimming we went and got an ice cream at the dairy and then went grocery shopping to pick our favourite things for dinner.

Sophia and I love salmon, and daddy loves steak and mushrooms (or as we call them: yuckrooms), I had asparagus that we got from Brent’s employers/our friend’s, and Sophia loves peas; so we had those as well.

Brent and I cooked it together, and it was all so delicious .

Another great day, and we were all pretty tired by bedtime.

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