Animal Jam essay

Animal Jam is a safe online kids game made by WildWorks, in partnership with National Geographic. In Animal Jam, you can create your own animal in the online world of Jamaa. You can make online friends, play games to earn gems, come to parties, play adventures, and decorate your den and animal.

The friend list on Animal Jam is called the buddies list. So far, you can have up to 200 buddies. You can also buddy your friends and family who play Animal Jam. If you feel safer only buddying people you know, that is completely fine. If you want, you can click the settings button in the top right corner of the screen and turn off buddy requests, and you can unbuddy anyone at any time. If you don’t feel comfortable buddying someone, you can always decline their buddy request.

The journey book in Animal Jam is an educational scavenger hunt book. There is a page for every land in Jamaa. The way the journey book works is that there are shapes in the book that correspond with what you’re supposed to find. When you think you found one, click on it. If it’s correct, you’ll get a message in game that shows a real life picture of it and a couple facts about it. When you’ve got everything on one page, you’ll get a prize.

There are many adventures in Animal Jam that when you complete, you get a prize. In the adventures, there are secret hidden passages that have a treasure chest inside, and inside the treasure chest is usually gems. Sometimes, there are passages that can only be opened by being a certain animal. In some treasure chests there are cool clothing or den items. If you’re lucky, you could get a rare or a beta.

There are educational movies in the movie theaters that teach you about certain animals and facts about the world. New movies are in the movie theater almost every day. The facts in the movies are usually things you didn’t know about animals or the world. Did you know that there’s a lizard that squirts blood from its eyes as a defence mechanism? Eww!

There are fun games in Animal Jam that you can play to earn gems and cool achievements! My personal favourite games are Falling Phantoms and Jamaa Derby! In Falling Phantoms, you move your animal around with the left and right arrow keys to dodge the falling phantoms. In Jamaa Derby, you play as a horse and click to jump over obstacles. You also get 3 carrots, which, when you click one, you get a speed boost. Other games include Temple Of Trivia, Hedgehog, Best Dressed, and many more!

In Animal Jam, there are rules that you have to follow, or you’ll get reported. Rules include not sharing personal information, no scamming, no bullying, no inappropriate behaviour and more. If you see a Jammer who you think is breaking the rules, you can report them. Some players have tried to say that reporting does nothing, but AJHQ has said a couple times that when a player gets reported, a moderator reviews the account and if the player did do something bad, they will get suspended or banned. Be sure to follow the rules if you don’t want to get suspended or banned!

The Animal Jam trading system is where you can trade for other people’s items, or get trade requests yourself. Don’t trade items you don’t want to trade, because the other player doesn’t have to trade back! Scamming is a way of getting other people’s items unfairly, such as telling you to gift your part of the “trade” then they’ll gift their part. Sometimes they’ll even claim their trading is “broken” or “disabled”. This is a scam, and be sure to report them for scamming. Remember: It’s always okay to say no to a trade! If you’re not sure if a trade is fair, be sure to check the Animal Jam Wikipedia.

There are many more things you can do in Animal Jam, though some features (Such as being able to have all the dens, all animals, and all items) require a paid membership. There is a huge community built around Animal Jam, such as many blogs, YouTube channels, videos, and social media accounts. Animal Jam has made their own blog called The Daily Explorer, be sure to check it out! Animal Jam also has an Instagram account, YouTube account, Twitter account and more! If you ever need to find something out on Animal Jam, you can always look it up and you’ll be sure to find the answers for it.

8yellowcats / Sophia, 19/10/16


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