“Meow out Loud”

Today after book work, we went to our local Autism New Zealand / Sommerville library to get some books.

We liked Daddy being on vacation so he could come along. Sophia was having a rough sensory day and was spinning out when we got there. Daddy got bitten and clawed (hence the face in the pic), as she said the pressure on her teeth when she bites helps her feel better. We are working on not biting others (me and Dad) and we really do need to get her a sensory chew.

I quickly calmed her, by handing her, her favourite book ; ‘All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome’ by Kathy Hoopmann.

She will read it again several times over the next few weeks. We should just buy it as she loves it so much we have checked it out many times!

This library is such a great resource and our community is very blessed.

After this, we went to our local library and got more books…. We love books so yes, there are a lot of library posts. 😛

We found a couple drawing books for her and she started reading ‘The Cat Lovers Quotation Book’ while Daddy and I found some for ourselves.

We have such a lovely library, I am glad she feels so comfortable there.

Later after we got home I tried to get a picture, but she was very hoppy and flappy! I did manage to get one after a bit of calming.


Another great day. “Meow out Loud” – she sure does. 😉

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