Shoeboxes, the missing Muscovy and Vampires

This weekend we went collecting boxes at our local shoe stores.

We are helping our friend Lydia do Project Shoebox Wanganui this year.

I have created a logo, flyers and other bits and bobs and helped her with the Facebook page.

We decided that poverty affects all ages and so we would include all ages in our drive.

We went around town and introduced ourselves and asked for boxes and we got pretty lucky for the most part.

It seems someone else called the main shoe store just after we started being active on our page and wanted to collect all the boxes they had, so we missed out on those. (Hopefully, they are using them to be a part our project, but who knows.) Carl said we can have any others that they get so we will just keep going back.

The people in the stores were super nice and some even helped carry them out for us.



Between msyelf, daddy and our little helper, we ended up with 50 boxes.


We have one school on board and another is running it by their board and I think we have another local sponsor which I will meet with this week.

I asked Lydia if we could go through the Women’s Network this year as they are well connected to all the agencies and the people in need will have a higher chance of receiving the gift boxes.

We did our collecting and then went and grabbed lunch at our favourite sushi place and grabbed some groceries.

After that, we dropped off a box of popsicles for Papa John at the hospital and then dropped off some boxes to Lydia.

Then, we went to the gym club which Sophia (and Mummy & Daddy) loves and I got some funny pictures.


The best part was on our way home we actually saw and visited our long lost Muscovy Flappy! He came waddling over as soon as he heard my voice.

He is in a fenced area next to the school with his wings clipped, which would explain why he couldn’t get home. He appeared to have an injury on his neck, but he always use to try and squeeze through the fence so that does not surprise me.

We have decided to leave him there since it has been so long and we don’t know how he and Sugar would get along after being the head duck for so long separately.

It brought tears to my eyes both knowing he was alive and having to leave him there, but ultimately we must do what is best for them both.

Sophia was very excited to see him and see how much he has grown and changed but she thinks he should stay in his big paddock with the bath.

What a very busy, emotional and trying day.

I was at this point overwhelmed and ready for a nap (shutdown).

Brent being the darling he is made us dinner as usual, and then after Sophia was in bed we watched Underworld Evolution. We are doing a couple marathons of all the movies before the release in January of the new one!!


Yes, vampires, warewolves and arse kicking heroines calms me down after a busy day. I think these are some of my favourite movies of all time.