Beadwork and Digital Art

Today we got our supplies out and did crafting.

This was initiated by her after we had been out in the Red Tent tidying up.

Sophia decided to make a rainbow catcher for my Red Tent.

I love seeing how much more agile her hands are now when doing these projects.

She had an idea of the colours she wanted, but she had a lot of beads to choose from!

She counted out the beads to make a symmetrical pattern before stringing them onto the fishing line.

Here is the finished product and of course I absolutely love it!



It is now hanging in the Red Tent.

I love days like this, when we can do crafting and talk about lots of memories and random questions about life, about anything she can come up with.

Later she did some digital artwork on her computer.

She did a ‘Fan Edit’ for someone. This is when you take an item in the game and transform it into the person’s character and send it to them as a gift.

In this case it was Gellyjone’s Fox character out of a Fox Plushie.

This is the pictures of before and after.

I think she did an amazing job!

Digital art is one of her passions, she just loves editing and creating things.

She also made a video earlier in the day.



Today was a good day for creativity, community and sharing (as well as other things.)

She was in a great mood, very happy and content today.

I love when she feels like this, it makes me realise how far she has come in the past two years.



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