The Battle of Jamaa Part I -creative writing

The Battle of Jamaa Part I

I ran after Bepper as fast as I could. We were having a race, also with WisteriaMoon. Bepper was in lead, with me close behind. Wisteria was running more slowly, more of a jog then a run. We were near the tree, which was our finish line. I was an inch away from Bepper, when WisteriaMoon ran faster and she won by a couple inches. I clenched my teeth in rage. Bepper seemed to notice me getting angry, and she said “Yellow, it was just a pointless race.” “Yeah, I guess” I replied. The 3 of us were about to go to get a smoothie and chill in Crystal Sands, but at that moment a strong wind started. The trees were swaying around, and we struggled to stand still. A bright light appeared, and then… A heron. But not just any heron, it was Mira. We all bowed down to the mother of Jamaa. Then, Mira spoke. “Yellow, Wisteria, Bepper, I have an important message for you all. The phantom king is planning an attack on Jamaa. You must warn every Jammer to get ready to battle. We might have a chance to destroy the phantoms once and for all…” “Yes, Mira” Me, Wisteria and Bepper all said at the same time. With that, Mira nodded and disappeared. “Oh my god, I can’t believe that Mira wants us to do this!‘’ Squealed WisteriaMoon. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go warn everyone!” said Bepper.


8Yellowcats / Sophia, 17/8/2016

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