Dental appointment at a new dentist

Today we had a dental appointment at a new dentist.

She was extremely nervous, as she has always gone to the dental van at the school.

Last year they allowed her to come there anyways, as she was new to homeschooling and she loved the ladies in the van. They were so good and so patient and loved talking with Sophia.

This year, however, we had to go to the dental clinic at the Intermediate School, which is much louder and brighter and of course, with new ladies.

This is where all the homeschool children must go for dental work.

I called ahead and found out exactly what procedures they would be doing and gave Sophia a rundown so she knew what to expect. (This helps with anxiety.)

The new ladies were awesome and we were so happy with the results.

Her fillings have softened and one has fallen out, so we will go next week and have them repaired. But no new issues. Yay!

On her next appointment, we will be trying no local anaesthetic, as Sophia is really afraid of the needle.

The ladies discussed it with her and they agreed she may not need it, so we will give it a go and hopefully she is one of those lucky people who can have dental work without numbing.

She brought along her stress van (dental van) and she was very brave, she actually said afterwards, she enjoyed her visit.

She was given a sticker when finished and it brought her immense joy, as it was a yellow cat… just like her YouTube name. 😉

We are looking forward to having this all sorted soon.



Kitty cat was a bit nervous while waiting.


“The air is kind of tickly!”


She gave the new Dental Clinic  two thumbs up.


“Look, Mom, it is a yellow cat!”


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