Mosaic Totem Stones

Today we did a workshop making Totem Stones with my good friend Joleen; a fellow Spectrum Mum and Author.

I had asked my guides the evening before that we be shown which animal was our current totem during our dreams, in preparation for our project.

Sophia had no dreams, but I knew she would be doing a Fox. She has always loved foxes and I knew this would be the case for her Totem Stone.

I dreamt I was holding a beautiful crow. It was lying on its back in my lap staring up at me with its feet up totally relaxed and trusting me completely. I felt such immense love coming from her eyes.

I was confused as my totem was always a hawk and a bear, but the dream showed a crow. I started out making a hawk, but the stones soon corrected me, and in the end, I made a crow.

Sophia selected her stone and I took the one next to it and we began as Joleen made a candleholder out of driftwood.

We had a rough start as happens when she is in an unfamiliar place, doing something totally new. Even though she knows Joleen very well and has been there before, it was not routine, so she became nervous and grumbled a bit at first.

Joleen was amazing with her, as always, and slowly was able to pull her out of her funk and into the project. In fact, by the end of the day, she was chattering away  to everyone!

We started by glueing our pieces on, then we allowed them to dry as we all took a short trip to the local Autism New Zealand Library to return some books and get more.

Sophia read a couple of books while she waited for us to choose our books, then we went back to Joleen’s and read  some more and played with the cat while Joleen picked up her kids from the school. She even surprised us with Sophia & my favourite pies for lunch!

We finished by adding the grout, cleaning and polishing our gemstones and tiles.

We had a great day and we took our stones home to dry. This is the final product.

When I was finished I held my stone in my lap and felt that immense love once again, this was such a great day for us both and Sophia loves her stone as much as I love mine.

We will definitely be doing this workshop again.

Joleen has agreed to do small workshops for $40.00 for a parent and a child all inclusive, you just bring some snacks and drinks for yourselves and she will provide all materials.

Excellent for great bonding time… see what I did there… bonding… 😉

This activity is especially good for trying something new in a sensory friendly environment with  someone with first-hand ASD experience and the kids respond well to her non-invasive, yet engaging manner.

I highly recommend this to homeschoolers and ASD Parents or even just a group of friends.

If you want to know more you can contact Joleen through her My STile Magik Facebook Page.




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