Detectives | Episode 1 | Jett Black

Today Sophia started off with playing her organ, I left her to it and soon was called up to hear the song she had recorded. She has decided to do an album of music for YouTube videos. I was amazed as she did this all on her own, and I asked her how she managed this.


She used Screencast-O-Matic hooked up to her microphone which was wearing her headset which was plugged into the organ. GENIUS! I was so proud of her for using her mind to create such a wonderful sound.

Next, we did some bookwork and had a snack.


When we finished eating, she gave me a script for her Detective Series; Episode one, in which I play the antagonist Jett Black. Then we recorded our parts on Animal Jam.


After that, she went upstairs and put it all together, did the editing, added the music track and uploaded it to her YouTube channel.

She even created lite fake social media accounts for my character in this series and added an almond cookie (my favourite) and some other cute little things. This was all her and I am still amazed by her details and her courage. Her friend also had roles, but she was our  director.

You can watch it here… Detectives | Episode 1 | Jett Black

The first 40 seconds play her song she recorded earlier, “Winter Rosebush”

I hope you enjoyed reading about a bit of our day.

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