Foxton Windmill

We took a trip to the Foxton Windmill / deMolen Foxton today.



It was really awesome seeing this up close. This is a working windmill.

We went to the second floor, but didn’t want to go up to the very top, Brent did though and he loved it. He had a really, really long chat with the fellow working there.

The stairs were quite small and scary and I will likely never go up them again, Sophia said the same thing. We both had some anxiety kick in on the stairs so nope, no more.

They had a the story of the Windmill being brought here in pieces and put together and a photo storyboard of it.

They also had a video about how they are built using wooden dowels, it was really interesting! There were models as well as maps of where they originated.

They had other cool items too, like bags that held the flour and grain and tools for dressing the mill stones.

It was a really interesting visit and we also bought some treats in the shop to test out.

After here we left and drove to the Himatangi Beach because we have not been yet, but unfortunately it was storming too much to wander about. We really loved the giant mosaic near the beach though.


This was a nice little field trip and it was great seeing Sophia so interested in learning more about the windmill.

We will go back to the beach one day and likely stop in for some more of the delicious treats and maybe some rye bread.

After Foxton we carried on to Palmerston North to take Sophia to dinner at one of her favourite stops; Wendy’s. She was quick to point out the word Mom in the neckline of Wendy.


We had a great conversation about subliminal programming and social programming and how they use psychology in advertising. She was both amazed and appalled.

She did think it very clever how they make you think of your mom to make it seem more like home made. Now you know the secret to Wendy’s subliminal programming. 😉

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