ISIS is a Goddess

Tonight at dinner we were having our usual talks with the kids where we discuss things they have been thinking about.

Max told dad he thought that ISIS was a horrible group of terrorists and asked why they were so evil.

We started to answer him, but before I could set him straight, Sophia had a talk with him.

“Max, they are called ISIL or Daesh not ISIS. ISIS is the name of a Goddess. It is not cool when people take the names of beautiful things and turn them ugly. Please stop using that to describe them.”

Brent and I agreed and explained to Max that we do agree with his thoughts, but that he should definitely not use ISIS anymore when referring to them.

We also explained the implications of labeling them with only using ‘Islamic terrorists’ as the media does, as it is not the whole religion that feels as they do.

It is only a small faction of extremists who are causing such hatred and bloodshed, not the religion of Islam or all of its followers.

Our kids are always surprising us with their clarity and their compassion.


Isis – Hathor in Goddess Card Pack by Juni Parkhurst stylised on contemporary images




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