1000 pages in two days

This picture below, was from a post: 510 pages in roughly 3 hours  last year.


Sophia 3 July 2015

I was just telling Brent last night that Sophia has already finished all three of the books I got her at the Davis Library, and the one I got her at the Autism Resource Library on Friday afternoon!


Sophia read these in two days – July 2016

So about 1000 pages in two days. This girl is a reading machine!

Sophia reckons that this series (6 books in series) Wolves Of The Beyond by Kathryn Lasky is the best she has read so far, just above the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter.

To see more of the books Sophia has read go to Sophia’s Goodreads Page and check out her READ shelf.

This is in addition to her workbooks, music, our library trips, Mommy & Me Readers & Writers group on Friday. We also had Autism Family Gym club, visited our friends at their home, did our Sushi & Bowl lunch date and shopping on Saturday with Daddy (boys were at their Mum’s this Saturday for a sleepover.)

Right now she is upstairs acting in a YouTube Animal Jam series with her buddy Rosey AJ and a group of other Jammers.

All on her own, she sought out and asked for the part, figured out the time exchange from EST to NZ time, made contact and got the script from one of her online pals. (After getting permission of course, we closely monitor her activity online and are interactive so she can do more socially, but still be safe and aware.)

This is Awesome Aut[odidactic]ism and we a very proud Mama and Daddy.

She wants to start saving for a GoPro or small video camera so she can start a VLOG. I think it is a fantastic idea!

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