My Little Pony Mad Libs

This morning we met the Mommy & Me Readers & Writers Group at our other local library.

Yes, we are very fortunate to have two amazing local libraries as well as a mobile library bus that travels throughout our district.

We had a great time, this week I brought along some My Little Pony Mad Libs, I had made copies for Sophia from our book from 2005.

The other children had not seen these before. Sophia started out a but rough and angry, which happens when we do something with groups. She said they were stupid and didn’t want to do them. I reminded her of her manners and asked her what she would like to do instead, she chose to write her own story.

With our group, we allow the kids to do what they want as long as they are reading or writing, so I let Sophia write her own story and gave the sheets to the others.

The other children started them, and began giggling, and it didn’t take long until Sophia was asking to do one as well. We all used pencil as I only had brought five sets and the took photos, erased and wrote them again and shared each set.

At one point an elder gentleman shushed us all, because some of the kids laugh quite heartily, and though adorable, it is still a library after all.

We all turned a bit red and tried so muffle our laughter into snorts and chuckles. There were lots of tears and hands over mouths to hold in our laughs. The children and adults took turns reading them.

Here are some of the silly stories Sophia had written.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have also put some of the Mad Libs blank sheets, on the Resources Page so you can print them and try them out.

I encourage parents to use these or any Mad Libs, or even make your own, as they are a great way for children to understand parts of speech, creative writing, social skills, group work and storytelling without being told ‘how’ and it makes learning self-motivated and fun instead of work. The variety of skills learned through this activity is quite amazing.

After we wrote we had reading time, and then Sophia and I headed to our local Autism Resource Library (Autism NZ) and grabbed a couple more books.


Here are a couple pics from our day, the other kids families do not want them photographed, so here are Sophia and Kaya.





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