The Dirty Mop Bucket

Sophia asked an 8-year-old girl why she gave her a bucket of dirty water on a game. (There are clean or dirty mop buckets.)

The child responded… “Any life without the bible is dirty. Just like this water.”

Sophia just said she had to go and left the game. Then came down and told me what happened and said, “Ugh, that kid has been brainwashed.”

Last month, this same girl told Sophia “I am a feminist and women are better than men.” Sophia told her, that feminism means females are equal to -not better than males and deserve the same rights.

Her view is, “I am glad I don’t live in her house! I feel bad for her.”

WTAF? Why do people brainwash their children to be judgemental, mean little shits under the guise “activism” or “religion”?

See, she doesn’t miss out on any of that splendid socialization she would get in school. I am just here at the exact moment these lovely situations occur, and we discuss how she feels about it, with compassion and clarity.