Puzzle Piece Tattoo

Today we went and saw Eva Marie at Custom Styled Inkers and I got my tattoo!

It was my Birthday present from the Big Sexy Wookie (Hubby), something I have wanted for a couple years.

Sophia helped me design it and we are all so happy with how it came out.

I had sent my design to Eva Marie and she had it all ready for us.

I had asked it if was alright if Sophia came and watched as it would be a good learning experience for her. She was more than ok with it and was super accomodating.

There was no one else there, just the three of us and Eva. Brent took Sophia to the bakery to have some Daddy & Soph time while we did the alignment and prep.

Sophia also loved the shop and how it was decorated, it was great seeing her admire the artwork on the walls and all of the colour and amazing decorating.

She came back and asked a few questions and watched, and kept asking me if I was ok, and saying she hoped it didn’t hurt too much. In all honestly I hardly felt it, Eva know her stuff.

It did not take very long and I loved watching her face get a bigger smile the closer we were to being finished.


“Oh mom, I am so proud, I love it so much!” – Sophia about ‘her’ tattoo.



It was a great day and an educational experience for her, she is so thrilled that I got a  tattoo in her honour.

Maria Lotura Lawless's photo.

Close-up of Sophia’s Puzzle piece

I am already working on designs for the boys, Brent and other Family. I have a very large family but very small arms!

I love getting tattoos, the experience is one of great spiritual significance for me.

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