When you crush meringues…

Wow Sophia, you sure have made a mess….

“Yes I did, but mom, but I learned something really cool!”

Oh really? What is that?

“When you crush meringues, they make a super fine powder that goes really far when you blow on it!”

Yes, I see…. well done Sophia.

10 Dec 2015.jpg

In rhythm with the bounce

Time for the ball… when she is trying to find her words and they come too quickly, she bounces the ball and speaks in rhythm with the bounce.

It helps her find her words as she is distracted by the ball, the sound, movement, feel etc.

During this time I must sit and listen as she will speak very quickly to get it all out.


Then she will just stop and do something else and be quiet as she has purged all of the thoughts in her head.

Some are very profound and some are things she is curious about or an observation she is trying to comprehend.

She is also learning self-regulation.

I am slowly encouraging her to type up her thoughts to a rhythm, the keys being like the bounce of the ball in a sense.