“The sink scared me to the death…”

I hear a squeal and a hiss from the bathroom and Soph comes running out.

“Meowma, the sink scared me to the death, and I only had eight lives left. So I tried again and it spitted and made loud noises again, and now I only have seven left!”

Oh no, poor Kitty, that must have been scary! Let me go fix it. I replied.

I went in and let the tap run until it ran properly again. She stood peeking around the corner with her ears covered, and squealed and ducked back every time it let out air.

It didn’t help that I jumped in fright every time it made that horrid hiss sound.

There was air in the lines and it scared her pretty bad, just as it does to me when it happens.

Situations like these are when you remember you have an anxiety disorder, it takes a while to calm our bodies back down, it is a physical reaction.

This is why we both really dislike being scared or unexpected frights.

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