New Glasses

Both of our youngest cuties just got new glasses! Aren’t they adorable?

Devin gets his new pair next week.

Sophia was squinting and blinking really hard and quickly after reading for long periods, so I took her in to get an eye exam.

Sure enough, her left eye had not developed as quickly as her right eye.

She had an infection in her left eye when she was born so this may have contributed to it developing slower.

Her Dr. would like Sophia to wear these for one year and then we will see how the eyes are doing. The idea is to strengthen the muscles and get the eyes working together.

She loves her glasses and wants to wear them forever.

Max has always been very clumsy, sort of like me. 😉

It turns out I was right when I said he may need glasses as it appears his depth perception is off.

The Dr. told him his eyes were not working together and his depth perception was off, and that he could help him to see better with glasses.

He is so much happier now and rarely trips or drops things because he can tell distance now. Plus, his sport has improved greatly!

Poor guy, no one had noticed, we just thought he was clumsy, we all feel a bit silly.

Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. 😉



Sophia 8 and Max 11 in their new glasses




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