Gingerbread horse Campaign for RDA

Sophia and I have baked, decorated, and packaged all of these gingerbread horses to help raise funds for our local RDA. (Whanganui Riding for the Disabled)

They are $2 each and all money will be deposited to the RDA.

Please let me know of you want to buy some.

Brent can take them with him to work or I can deliver (locally if course.)

40 Cookies SOLD OUT in 4 hours!- we can’t wait until Next year we may go for double that!

We made, bought, and ate, GF ones too and the recipe they sent us worked real nice. Sorry it is confidential, but you can get it by signing up to be a Gingerbread Horse Campaign Baker. We even get to keep the recipe and the cookie cutter! I recommend nominating Whanganui RDA, but you can choose your own when you register.


RDA Gingerbread Horse Campaign 2015 -Sophia & I made these.

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