Peter Pan on Psychedelic Mushrooms

Some days with Sophia, it is like living with Peter Pan on psychedelic mushrooms…

She is running across the tops of the sofas in her jammies, with massive bed hair, carrying a giant pink ruffle wrapped around a fox while batting a ball of blue yarn with her sword and squealing at a dead spider on the floor.

Brent truly is a good sport, he just smiles at her and watches her mind work. Then patiently picks up the spider and throws it out.

Definitely not a lack of creativity with this girl.

Dear Class (a note from Sophia)

Today we went to the school to gather Sophia’s belongings from her desk and some of her work and records. Sophia had an idea so her friends could find her and keep in touch.

She made this letter and some little tickets (with her name, phone, email and websites) for her classmates.



Dear Class 3 June, 2015

It says:

Dear Class,

I am home schooling now. I am having lots of fun. My Doctor gave me a certificate to go swimming at the splash centre. I go to RDA to ride ponies. That’s called Equine Therapy. The pony I ride is named Princess Puzzle. She is white with brown patches and has a long white main and tail. I do my studies really fast! If you want to contact me please ask Mrs. (Teacher’s name) for a green ticket.

From Sophia Lawless

P.S. Stay in touch ๐Ÿ™‚



I was told by several of her friends that the Teacher never read this to them or handed out the cards. Such a shame they tried to interfere with Sophia maintaining her school friendships. Fortunately, our son still goes there so he gives messages to her friends before school and at lunch. Plus we attend the charity day and other family events and she always has her number cards in her purse or mine.

Officially Approved to Homeschool

I got a call this afternoon, from the amazing woman helping me with my ‘Application for Exemption from Enrollment at a Registered School’ aka exemption application.

Cynthia said she had just spoken with Charles (Uncle Charlie to Brent) at the Ministry Of Education and that my application had been approved [on 28 May] and should be in the mail within the next couple days. She advised me that we are officially approved to homeschool!

(Uncle Charlie did not process our application as that would be a conflict of interest, it went to another person for processing.)

Sophia is now ‘officially’ attending … Lawless Academy of Aut[odidactic]ism. ๐Ÿ˜‰ SQUEEK!!!

We are very grateful to everyone, for your encouragement and assistance. So excited.