Flappy Takes Flight

Yesterday afternoon the girls fed Flappy and Sugar, and then Flappy went missing until 3:20 today. Sugar was just lost and sad and we weren’t sure Flappy would come back.

Soph was pretty upset this morning and said; “It would be selfish of us to keep her all alone. In my research, I found they are social animals. That means they need other ducks or they can get depressed. Sugar looks sad. If Flappy doesn’t come back, we could send Sugar to live with other ducks so she’s not alone and sad. Maybe some of her family is still alive. Dad can check. We would never eat her aye mum?”

I told her we were on a ‘Sugar’ free diet. 😉 Then I said I was very proud of her so being so kind and we would wait until tomorrow and do more research before we decide what is best for Sugar.

Exactly at feeding time, Flappy came soaring across the lawn all majestic and proud of those amazing wings with a few extra flaps for show. Poor Sugar was so sad all day, then as soon as she saw Flappy, started wagging her little booty and chirping… (So did Soph.)

They nuzzled up and it looked like they hugged. I swear! Then she said, “Muscovy are the best, most loveliest ducks ever.” They had dinner, took a swim, and both are now fat and happy. She is right, they are so amazing.


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