The Home Educators Group

I heard about this Group activity through our local Home Educators Group where they go to the gym Club and today we went.

I arranged to meet my good friend and fellow home educating hippie parent; Lyds and her daughter Kaya, who is Sophia’s friend as well.

Lyds and I do radical things, like attend protests with our families, sign petitions and write letters to officials, raise poultry/pets, recycle, upcycle, love our environment, barter, speak out against any injustice we find…

Such as being forced to ‘educate’  your kids in the way someone else dictates. (Regardless of the overall well being of the child.

This is more like indoctrination to follow the current system of thought.

Why must we apply for an exemption and then prove our worthiness to educate our own children?

These are our own children whom we have been educating for roughly 5 years prior to stepping foot in an educational institution. Many of which have older siblings. Who more qualified than their who knows them best.

Yeah, it is the law. Let me say again I say, WTF!!??

We went to the Home Educators gym club meet-up this afternoon. There were children of all ages, from toddler to teen and it was amazing watching all of these kids interact.

My first reaction was to laugh at the absurd statement so many of us hear from School Principals and teachers… “What about Socialization?”

THIS is real socialization, all backgrounds, ages and unique personalities, not separated into age defined rolls and lead to believe these are the only friends we should have.

Older children are such an important part of life skills and community building and I have never understood this grade concept grouped by age.

This Home Educators Group is amazing.

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