The finer points of being a super villain

Discussing the finer points of being a super villain with Max.

See that devious twinkle in her eye?


Sophia and her brother Max having an in-depth conversation.

We have a super-hero themed birthday party for a friend’s son so they are planning their outfits.


Here is what they decided to wear. (I loaned Max my shirt.)

This picture was taken at the party and is one of my absolute favourite photos.


Cat-girl is her favourite, I wonder why?



That doesn’t come with a smile

I asked Sophia if she would model this wig for a picture.

She responded with…

“I will try it on, but you’re giving me a dollar cause it’s all messed up. That doesn’t come with a smile, that costs two dollars.”

She cracks me up!


pink wig 20 Jan 2015.jpg

Sophia age 8