Anti-TPPA protest and fun with friends

We had a good day today with our favourite fellow hippy family.


We stopped at their place and the kids played for a bit, Tyler is such a great kid, always super nice to Sophia and makes sure she is having fun. We also got to see the sweetest cat ever, Honey.

Then we went to the meeting place at the giant ball and took a couple pictures while we waited for everyone to arrive.

We met up with the protesters and made our voices heard that we oppose of the TPPA.

It was great seeing such a diverse crowd all signing petitions and speaking out… loudly.

Teaching our kids about social justice and being a non violent eco warrior by using our voice and our presence is always a great day.

We have had in length discussions with our kids about the TPPA and how it will affect everyone and how important it is to sign petitions and write letters to government officials.

Today, they got to be a part of that, again and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

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