My concussion: Falling down the Stairs

Hi all, I won’t be on here for a bit I so gracefully fell down the stairs, it was quite epic actually.

I must have passed out, all I know is it went black after I opened the curtain at the landing.

When I came back from the blackness and wooshing I heard a loud crack which was my head hitting wooden edge of the stair well.

After I pulled myself up, my body was shaking pretty good and I noticed my scalp felt like it had half a kiwi fruit under my hair.

I saw peter pan fly to me (which I now know was Devin) and start asking if I was ok. Followed by Bilbo Baggins, a Wookie, and a tiny professor.

Then I saw the aftermath… I had kicked the fire guard over, knocked one six foot cat statue over into another, which also tapped the edge of a ceramic dolphin statue which was catapulted into the fire guard as well and broke.

Oh yes, back to el gato 2, it fell over into a giant picture shattering the glass and resting on the wall. Tada!

All at 6:30 am so you can imagine the noise my poor family awoke to. Brent and Dev, cleaned it all up, Max made me a coffee and calmed me down, Sophia told me I was quite clumsy.

We got kids sorted and off to school, then my darling took me to WAM and they observed me for a bit, gave me drugs and by 1:30 I was home sleeping.

Hope you all had a better Thanksgiving than we did. I am so very thankful for my Team Awesome, they really do make life more fun.

I am also thankful for my sister Kc who always has first aide stuff on hand. The ice pack and Trauma Remedy are awesome.

So I am not ignoring anyone, my brain is on vacation.

This took me nearly an hour to write.

Big hugs and lots of love.

Below are all the messages of support I got from this post when it was put on Facebook. I have such amazing family and friends! Thank you all for being so wonderful and supportive.

Anthony Barrett: Oh mate I hope u r ok ! Sending u healing energy. Hugz!

Lesh Webster: Awww I was fricken thinking of you this morning πŸ’– loads of love coming ur way xxx

Polli Minnell: ((( ❀ )))

Frances Parnell: ❀

Jennylee Sangster: Jeez Maria, are you catching the Bernard? Hope you are feeling better soon 😯

Stephannie Wencke: Oh my goodness Maria! I’m glad you are alright! Sounds like quite a tumble! Please watch yourself on the stairs an get lots of rest. Love, Stephannie, Jeff, an Jessie…πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€

Tamaryn Toyne: Hugs take care πŸ’š

Jay Newell: Get better

Donna Jacobs: ROOMIE, so sorry hope your better soon. We love ya much.

Jess Bernard: Holey shit glad your okay! Xxx

Rita Moran: Sorry Maria that a good way to start Thanksgiving.

Frankie Muzzy: Another thing to be thankful for-you’re not dead! Take it easy. love and miss ya!

Amanda Bernard: Take care glad you help at your finger tips xoxox

Stephanie Lorigan: Dude!

Mike Lindsay: Ouch! Take care sis.

Crystal Cox: Glad your ok. Love you. Go team Awesome!

Dana Skroch: Oh my gosh!!! How scary!! I hope you recover well !

Brian Abeel: Healing Loves n Hugs are surrounding you missy!

Carla Donson: Sending you gentleness…xo

Sophia Rose: so sorry, will send big hugs and lots of healing. ❀ ❀❀

Lorraine Marino: Sending you lots of love and healing ❀

Tracy Dillon: Awww huny…. XXXXX Lots and lots of love to you XXXX

Maggie Jacobson: Xoxo

Sue Muzzy: So sorry. Hope you are doing better. Love to all.

Maria Lotura Lawless: Thanks for the love everybody. ❀

Katy Gillette: πŸ™€

Scott Barrett: Big loves and hugs. Feel better

Marie Waretini: Love and blessings Maria

Renee Clark Cornish: Wow Maria, sorry to hear of your mishap. Hope you are up and around and back to normal soon. Love you!

Julie Muzzy: Love you sending Angels πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€

Kalesha Bastion: sending all the love your way

Sara Beara: Loving you! Take care.

Ashley Marie Bruntz: We love you auntie mia take care xoxoxoxox and lots of hugs

Zack Leveque: Love you feel better!!!!!! Stop beating yourself up

Tina Falloon: Dear Santa. Please install a slide between floors at Maria’s house, a slide with a with a giant fluffy soft landing pad at the bottom.

She has gone beyond subtle hinting and even asking politely to more extreme measures. I really think you need to deliver this year Santa, or u might find u have Peter Pan bilbo and the wookie to answer to. Love from Maria’s virtual friends.

Frances Parnell: Don’t forget the tiny professor to answer to as well, Tina.

Kendra Meguiar: Oh hun, I am so so sorry!!!! Love & hugs

Murry Whoreo: Naaaw ya poor “clumsy” lady haha hope you are feeling better πŸ™‚

Janet Tomuri: Bloody stairs!!!!! Take care. Get better soon. Xx

Claire McGrail: Poor darling – lot’s of healing energy to you x

Esther Topfer: ❀

Chanda Dixon: Love to you Sister and healing ~Peace

Judy Rama: OMG, you can’t make that stuff up. Whenever I think life is boring I’ll think of your adventures and be glad I don’t have that kind of excitement.

Jessica Bruntz: Love you auntie mia!!!!!

David Rakijasic: Thank God for you loved ones

Sonya Glennie: Take care.

Danna Dennis Wilberg: Oh MY! Please be well, my friend! Too much going on in that pretty little head to mess up!! ❀ Sending love and prayers!

Elizabeth Lapenta: Whoa! I’m so glad you are okay. Scary though. You have an awesome team πŸ™‚

Stephen Foster: That was very lucky at the least Maria Lotura Lawless Take care my thoughts are with you!!

Kc Bernard: been a bit dongie hope the brain fade wears off I’m getting concerned lol

Maria Lotura Lawless: Brent said the same thing, I am sure it just takes time.

Jaylee Seabrook: Wow you poor thing! Sending loads of love your way 🌈 and covering you in healing light πŸŒ…

Marcus Dabb: sending some healing πŸ™‚

Sandra Brunner: lots of love and a biiiig hug, good recovery and resting – that was not the smily I wanted to send, but anyway…

Maria Lotura Lawless: I am overwhelmed by all of the kind messages and energy from all of you. Thank you all so much, I am getting better and taking it easy. I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and this knock has given me some new insights as well as a much needed rest from my thoughts. haha. Making the most of it and enjoying the family. I will reply to you all after I can stay on here longer. Only can do a few minutes before headache. Big Hugs and lots of gratitude for you all.

RenΓ©e Price: ouch

Gail Imhoff: Kia ora Maria, sounds like you are very lucky. I hope that you are okay and not too damaged. Blessings and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Gail Bernard: OMG lucky you didn’t break any bones. Your poor head!! Here’s to a speedy recovery.

Cheryl Montgomery-Nolan: Β Just take it easy Maria. Call if you want a visitor.

John Knudtson: Klutz is in our genetics lmao get well cuz

Maria Lotura Lawless: Yes, concussions and broken bones appear to run in our family cousin John. I think this is my sixth one, but by far the worst. haha

John Knudtson: I know the accident and sensitivity things gotta be genetic lmao I’m sorry your thanksgiving was spent recouping and can relate to visuals you can get when your brain rolls not to mention the sudden stop of your head treat yourself gently for awhile don’t exert lots of energy Maria

Chen Dubrin: Sending healing energy….

Maria Lotura Lawless: Thank you everyone. I am feeling better each day… especially when Brent is spoiling me rotten, Mama Bear sends me chocolate and Kc brings me her yummy cookies. πŸ˜› ❀

Harmony-Charm Edwardson: Oh well done you! Hope everything is getting better X )

Maria Lotura Lawless: Susan, this is what happened. lol.

Shirley Pearce: Brent spoiling you, so he should!

Maria Lotura Lawless: Always. πŸ™‚


Anti-TPPA protest and fun with friends

We had a good day today with our favourite fellow hippy family.


We stopped at their place and the kids played for a bit, Tyler is such a great kid, always super nice to Sophia and makes sure she is having fun. We also got to see the sweetest cat ever, Honey.

Then we went to the meeting place at the giant ball and took a couple pictures while we waited for everyone to arrive.

We met up with the protesters and made our voices heard that we oppose of the TPPA.

It was great seeing such a diverse crowd all signing petitions and speaking out… loudly.

Teaching our kids about social justice and being a non violent eco warrior by using our voice and our presence is always a great day.

We have had in length discussions with our kids about the TPPA and how it will affect everyone and how important it is to sign petitions and write letters to government officials.

Today, they got to be a part of that, again and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.