Smiling Vulcan

“It, according to my calculations, it has been 16 days since you last logged on.” – Sophia to Brent -with this grin on her face.

27 oct 2014 vulcan

She is trying to get him to play an online game (Animal Jam) with her.

Yes, she calls him… ‘It’.

She may be a Vulcan.

Yes I know you think Vulcan’s don’t smile, but ours does…


and so does spock, see!


Teaching herself Blender

Our 7 yo little darling in action, teaching herself Blender… she is so much like me it is frightening.

Somehow, I don’t think taking the day off of school will affect her future.

She asks to learn something and we get her what she needs to explore it and see if she likes it. Most times, she does.

blender 4 oct 14.jpg

Sophia teaching herself Blender while off from school due to anxiety.