Minecraft, Sushi, Gym Club and Foxes

A day in town today. First off was to let Sophia spend her allowance at Whitcoll’s.
7 weeks of allowance, and so worth it according to Sophia to get them at 20% off!
Perfect timing as she has been wanting these for a while now.

Next up, Mommy & me Sushi at Mana Sushi while the boys and daddy are at the car show.

(Notice her chopsticks… in my food. lol)


This was my favourite part of the day, I love having her all to myself.

Then it was on to the gym after the car show finished and we had finished our shopping and lunch date.

I especially love when she does the run… jump… run really fast… stop …flap hands…jump off, then climb out and run really fast to repeat the process. This is when we know she has had enough as she loops in one activity several times.

When we were all finished we went and put up her wall decals in her room we had bought earlier. We finally found some cute foxes! I love how she used her dreamcatcher to be a part of the picture. It was made for her in 2012 by my friend who makes them.


What a cool Saturday; fun was had by all.

Plus they were all worn out by bedtime -always a bonus.

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