He is too little to make threats like that

“Mom, today Ryan C said he was gonna smash me and Nathan with a chair.” Sophia says, flatly.

Oh no, that is not good, what happened? I asked.

“I am not sure, we didn’t know why. We were just quietly playing and he called us mean and did it. He is very naughty and inappropriate, remember when he took his pants off? Nathan suggested we tell someone, so we did. He suggested the right thing to do.” she says, with pride.

“Yes, that was the right thing to do, what did they do about it?” I asked assuming the best.

“He told me and Nathan to deal with it.” she said in her monotone way.

How do you feel about that? I asked.

“I feel like he is too little to make threats like that, and too weak. I thought it was funny. You know why?” She says, matter-of-factly.

“Why is that Sophia?” I asked waiting for it…

“Because mom, when I took the chair off of him and put it back he just let go and looked shocked. So I dealt with it like Mr Wilson told me to.”

Brent and I looked at each other confused and dumbfounded.

I am still processing how I feel about this.

I remember doing this exact thing in elementary school with Bobby Knight when he threatened to smash up the classroom.

This kid surprises me daily… as does the school’s lack of supervision or intervention.

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