Can I just ask where all the teacher’s aides have gone?

This is a conversation I had today with a few friends on FB. It has some great points and unfortunately bullying in schools is on a steady incline with many incidents not being reported on paper – due to schools not wanting bad reports.

My Original Post: Can I just ask where all the teacher’s aides have gone????

Why is there such a lack of supervision in schools, and why do we teach no bullying, yet create conditions to allow it to happen?

  •  Polli: oh dear…this is not sounding good….you wanna homeschool our girls together?

Seriously considering it, we should get together soon and discuss it more.

  • Polli: sure hun….you wanna come round for a cuppa and I can show you what we did and are doing?

Yes please, I will PM you.

  • Polli: The gist of our problem….no teacher aide funding available unless our daughter was the one doing the hitting every day and even then….maybe at best. In two years I’ve been made aware of the funding being cut to teacher aides 3 times – I’m sure it’s been more than that 😦

Absolutely ridiculous, aides should be assigned to ALL classes and especially, to watch over the playground and lunches. They are an integral part of community building, behaviour modification and assistance to education.

  • Polli: 1 in 100 kids in NZ mainstream school that need assistance receive funding for teacher aide time…..even in the worst cases, it rarely covers the whole school day – it’s getting pretty criminal and the fact is, for a lot of Kiwi kids, the schools are no longer safe.

Yep, in school this year, my daughter has learned first-hand about physical and verbal abuse, neglect, bullying, theft, lying, favouritism, and that some adults can’t be counted on for help. Year 3 sucks so far. It’s too bad, as her teacher is brilliant.

  • Polli: I’m so sorry Maria…. it’s heartbreaking and it’s not fair. It’s cruel for any child but even more so for our Aspies……I think that maybe the majority of the Aspie reputation for having social issues is in reality, the side effects of growing up with other people’s social issues.

Too true Polli.

The school I worked at in the states as an aide had one aide for every 6 kids.

  • Lydia: It’s appauling! … and more cuts to come!

When did children become such a low priority to governments???

  • Polli: they always have been hunni…….it’s just getting blatant now 😦
  • Lydia: Yeah our future generation!!! It saddens me so much

Time for the Mamas to get pissed and lobby for some changes!

  • Lydia: Maria, why are we being encouraged to drug up our children? So the government’s job is made easier, I tell you, home schooling is on the rise! The more our children are in a zombie state the easier they are to teach, so less teachers to pay!

Yes, and it is a cycle which gets worse as the kids are not getting the help they need and will not learn appropriate responses, so sad. It is the systems which are disabled, not our kids!

  • Amanda : Busy at my school lol

I wish we had you. 😦 Can we clone you please Amanda??? Or can we steal you away from that school? lol

  • Amanda:  😦 I would love to be cloned lol. I’m having trouble at work I’ve been given all these new programmes to do with my boy but it is so over this head the works come from an RTLB but my ASD child doesn’t understand, so I’m trying to make it to his level

Amanda would love to get together soon. He is lucky to have you.

  • Amanda: Not this weekend but next if you’re free just pm me

Sounds great Amanda. Thank you so much, everyone.

He is too little to make threats like that

“Mom, today Ryan C said he was gonna smash me and Nathan with a chair.” Sophia says, flatly.

Oh no, that is not good, what happened? I asked.

“I am not sure, we didn’t know why. We were just quietly playing and he called us mean and did it. He is very naughty and inappropriate, remember when he took his pants off? Nathan suggested we tell someone, so we did. He suggested the right thing to do.” she says, with pride.

“Yes, that was the right thing to do, what did they do about it?” I asked assuming the best.

“He told me and Nathan to deal with it.” she said in her monotone way.

How do you feel about that? I asked.

“I feel like he is too little to make threats like that, and too weak. I thought it was funny. You know why?” She says, matter-of-factly.

“Why is that Sophia?” I asked waiting for it…

“Because mom, when I took the chair off of him and put it back he just let go and looked shocked. So I dealt with it like Mr Wilson told me to.”

Brent and I looked at each other confused and dumbfounded.

I am still processing how I feel about this.

I remember doing this exact thing in elementary school with Bobby Knight when he threatened to smash up the classroom.

This kid surprises me daily… as does the school’s lack of supervision or intervention.

Freaks, Geeks, and Asperger Syndrome

I love listening to her giggle as she reads this book.

It was written by a then 13 year old Aspie, Luke Jackson.

It is a very cool book, from his perspective on life with Asperger’s.

I got this for myself and came downstairs to find she had decided to read it as well.

I really enjoyed seeing life through his eyes, it gave me some great insights as well.

We both highly recommend this book to both children and adults.

Feaks Geeks and Aspergers 9 aug 2014

Sophia (7) enjoying Freaks, Geeks, and Asperger Syndrome: A User Guide to Adolescence is a non-fiction book about how it is like having Asperger Syndrome. The book was written by the then 13-year-old Luke Jackson who has Asperger Syndrome himself. 224 pages and very entertaining.

Since she took the one I was reading, I decided to read a different book…



Pretending to be normal 9 aug 2014.jpg

Pretending to be Normal: Living with Asperger’s Syndrome a book by Liane Holliday Willey.


Excellent book, written by a Mother who discovered through one of her twin daughters’ diagnosis at 7 years old of Asperger’s; that she had it too. Hmmmm…… sounds familiar.


Aug 9 2014 head squishing

Sophia and Mom cuddles.

Now it is time for cuddles Sophia style – head sniffing and squashing. lol