God loves everyone

“Mom, Tuesdays we have bible studies and I go sit in my quiet room, but I can still hear them. It is that one that isn’t true. She says that if we love God we are good people; and if we don’t we are not. That is not true aye Mom, God loves everyone and if you don’t love God you are not a bad person, it just means you have to learn about him. Maybe you didn’t learn the way they teach, aye mom, but a different way, like we do, where God loves everyone. Like when I am mad, and I say that I hate you, and you say, “That is ok, I still love you.” Same story, aye Mom, God is like a Mom, and loves you no matter what, aye mom.” – Sophia age 7

(We have opted out of bible study- but they keep her in the same room and she hears the indoctrination. It makes for some great conversations. We do believe in Divine Masculine/God but we don’t buy the condemning, judgemental version of him. We also believe in the Divine Feminine/Goddess. We own several versions of the bible, as well as many other religious texts which are in our home library, and she will decide her own beliefs when she is ready.)

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