‘In My Shoes’ DVD

We rented ‘In My Shoes’ DVD from the library for us all to watch. Easy to watch, as it is four 12 minute episodes.

We watched them all and they were really helpful, especially for the kids and Sophia to understand more about ASD.

The website has great stuff. (check resources tab) Excellent resources for parents, teachers and family and friends of children with ASD to help them better understand how it is in their shoes.

I will be getting a copy to keep at home and asking how we can get one for our schools in town as well.



I’m on the checklist!

“Next on the checklist, let Mom cuddle me. Then off to get dressed and brush my teeth.”

I am so happy that ‘mommy cuddles’ are on her morning checklist between breakfast and getting dressed. 🙂

July 24 2014 morning cuddles

Morning cuddles are my favourite time of day on her schedule.

God loves everyone

“Mom, Tuesdays we have bible studies and I go sit in my quiet room, but I can still hear them. It is that one that isn’t true. She says that if we love God we are good people; and if we don’t we are not. That is not true aye Mom, God loves everyone and if you don’t love God you are not a bad person, it just means you have to learn about him. Maybe you didn’t learn the way they teach, aye mom, but a different way, like we do, where God loves everyone. Like when I am mad, and I say that I hate you, and you say, “That is ok, I still love you.” Same story, aye Mom, God is like a Mom, and loves you no matter what, aye mom.” – Sophia age 7

(We have opted out of bible study- but they keep her in the same room and she hears the indoctrination. It makes for some great conversations. We do believe in Divine Masculine/God but we don’t buy the condemning, judgemental version of him. We also believe in the Divine Feminine/Goddess. We own several versions of the bible, as well as many other religious texts which are in our home library, and she will decide her own beliefs when she is ready.)