My material to be used for a presentation for public health nurses

An interesting thing happened today. (I know, sounds funny coming from me.)

About 2 weeks ago, I sent in the photo journal of Sophia’s “unique qualities”, some artwork of hers and the defensive reaction sheet to the ASD Assessment Team to help speed up the assessment process.

This morning, while I was contemplating building a blog/picture diary about my journey with Sophia (logging all of her stages, and of course her musings) I had a missed call with a message. When I checked it she said she would email me.

The reason I was contacted today, was to see if they can use my material for a presentation for public health nurses. It was touching the way that that she asked, what a lovely lady. [“They are so beautiful and depict so clearly traits that I felt I couldn’t describe in words the emotion and story the pictures display. (hope that makes sense).”]

Of course, I said yes. It does makes sense, it was what I was aiming for, to share what it is like to be in the moment with her.

I am excited by a feeling of validation, which holds so many possibilities for our girl, and all of us as a family.

Even one child whose nurse or relative sees this and recognizes the traits, and is able to help another Family start their journey to finding answers.

(Tania & Vern, be sure to let Shayla know, after all she is the one who recognized the traits from the school seminar on Asperger Syndrome with Jen Birch and started us on this journey. Clever wee one she is!)