Defensive Reactions to Sensation

This is the list I gave Sophia’s teacher, Mr Brider, so he and the school could understand our lil’ monkey a little better.

He was very appreciative and complimented us on our involvement and awareness of our child. Cool as teacher.

I am sending it off to Pediatric ASD Specialist now.

The pre-assessment interview went well, (lovely lady) and on to the next phase of testing for our special girl.

Defensive Reactions to Sensation 1 of 3

Defensive Reactions to Sensation 2 of 3

Defensive Reactions to Sensation 3 of 3

Flame of Creation

“Mum, this was in my mind today and I knew it was the flame of creation, this is how everything is made. It is the truth Mum.”- Sophia Lawless age 7

Flame of Creation 4 4 14

“Flame of Creation”
Markers on paper
Sophia Lawless (age 7)